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JoJo Siwa is a 14-year-old singer, dancer, performer and social media sensation  – you may recognise her signature hair bow, adorning the heads of tween girls everywhere! Her popularity in the UK rivals that in the US, making it the perfect time to roll out a wider consumer products programme.

Since leaving Dance Moms in it’s sixth season, JoJo has found a strong following on YouTube where she amassed over 5.7m subscribers.

The music video for her single, Boomerang, has surpassed 465 million views.

Bottled at Pembrokeshire, Wales


Typical Analysis (MG/Litre)

Sulphate 8MG/L

Magnesium 12MG/L

PH 7

Nitrate as NO3 18MG/L

Calcium 63MG/L

Potassium 1MG/L

Sodium 11MG/L

Dissolved Solids at 180’C 244MG/L

*Case consists of 24x500ml bottles

Weight: 12.4kg, 37cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 21cm(H)

RRP £0.90p per 500ml Bottle


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